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Top 5 interior design trends in India


India is a country that is home to various cultures. Every city and state has a different identity, with their food, lifestyle, etc. India has a place in many people’s hearts as one of their favorite countries, or as an essential destination on their list of countries to visit. As a host of many art & design exhibitions, the country has a lot to showcase – from its own native traditions to its adoption of modern and contemporary designs. Whether people come here for business or pleasure, they’ll find many new design exhibitions to excite and intrigue them.

One of the aspects that makes the country famous is the hospitality extended to visitors. ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ is such a famous slogan that it even featured in an advertising campaign by the tourism board. And as visitors step into our threshold, an eye-catching home can make us proud.

With 2018 coming up in a few days, here are 5 design ideas that can make your home shine:

1. Colours:  India is considered to be one of the colourful countries, thanks to its great diversity. When it comes to residential spaces, we’re now learning to use neutral shades as a base to great effect. Contrast tones like grey, brown or off white with a wall in a vibrant color to stand out. Earthy colours for walls and floors like ochre yellow or burnt orange and burnt maroon work best.

2. Patterns: We Indians have a fascination for pattern, from clothing to accessories to homes. Lightly patterned wallpaper can add a playful twist to a home.

3. Furniture: Here, think ancient, not modern. Solid pieces made of authentic woods, complete with detailed craftsmanship will add an ornate look to any room.

4. Flooring: India’s climate is usually hot; which is why marble and granite floors are the most preferred, since they don’t stain and are durable. Another big favourite is tiles, with different designs and patterns dominating the market. There’s an abundance of choice here, if you want to stand out.

5. Décor and art: The final and most important point of all is to use art in a tasteful manner. Don’t overdo it, less is more.

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