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Innomat: the ideal place for the architecture-design community to be!


Index Trade Fair, one of the best architecture design and leading international interior design exhibitions, is further subdivided into three major fairs. One of these segments is Innomat which is one of the upcoming building material trade fairs in India 2022. It is a platform exclusively dedicated to showcasing building materials that are used in curating the interiors or exteriors in the design world, therefore, being an ideal destination for the suppliers and buyers of the community to be at!

There is always something new around the corner in the world of architecture and design. Being one of the best building material trade shows in India, the best architecture design Innomat allows people to keep up with the new and upcoming material trends by having the best of the best in-store every year for its visitors and participants. The fair offers a number of products ranging from materials for flooring and cladding, solid surfaces stones, marbles & agglomerates, tiles, plywood, MDF, particleboard, veneers, laminates, wood, wallpaper & coverings, paints & textures, glass & glass products, metals, etc. to bath fittings & sanitary ware, technology for homes, offices, and hospitality, lighting, electricals, water management & technologies, green flag products, chemicals for interior application, ceiling solutions & wall systems & panels, acoustic panels, doors & windows, building materials, landscaping, artificial grass, planters and, swimming pools for its visitors to look at, and suppliers to exhibit.

Our key buyers include Traders, Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors, Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, PMC, and a lot more, thereby, is the perfect one-stop-shop for sellers and buyers. This integrative event calls for all the people associated with the dynamic industry who are always on the lookout for inspiration and innovation as Innomat happens to provide just that! The atmosphere of the exhibition helps ignite a spark of inspiration for the curators as they come across endless ideas making Innomat the perfect opportunity for them to encapsulate. The fair further adds an added touch of providing a networking platform for the exhibitors and visitors to connect with each other and create lasting synergies.

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INTERFURN: A one-stop destination for all things hardware!

One of the best architectural fairs in India also the best hardware fair in India, the Index Trade Fair is subdivided into three major fairs – one of being the Interfurn. As the name suggests, Interfurn focuses on furniture hardware and architectural fittings. One of the oldest and trusted exhibitions for the hardware industry, where the
audience formulates and experiments with designs to curate distinctive homes.

We are the best hardware fair in India due to the variety that we offer, including minimalistic,
contemporary but luxurious furnishing items. We work with renowned names such as Hettich, Hafele,
Ebco, Enox, Dorset, Excellenza, Collins, and Labacha. The products range from screws, bolts, nuts, basic
round doorknobs, elaborate foliage, and brass screws that add strength to the heavy furniture. We work
with kitchen hardware such as wire baskets, tandem boxes, channels, door hardware, glassware, and
architectural hardware and fittings.

The best upcoming hardware show in India is scheduled to take place in Mumbai and New Delhi and
ensures that the hardware industry engages the right product with the right buyer. It’s the right place
for architects, interior designers, builders, hoteliers, dealers, distributors retailers, and homeowners.
Check out the latest trends, products, and innovations in the field of furniture hardware and
architectural fittings.