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INDEX Insights: Exploring the INDEX world


INDEX is a highly significant international trade fair in India for the largest exhibitors of interiors, architecture, and design. We provide a platform for local brands from all over the country and foreign enterprises from Italy, Germany, the UK, the US, Turkey & ASEAN countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh & Thailand to join the Indian market and bring together providers and customers in the interior design sector. For the last 34 years, the interior and architectural goods utilized in homes, businesses, and the hospitality industry have been displayed at our shows through the years. Our last trade show featured more than 500 companies displaying a wide range of goods, including lighting, art, artifacts, kitchen appliances, office furniture, home decor, and more. Over 53,000 people attend the Index Fairs event each year, making it a well-known center of attraction for all the exhibitors and brands.

We have increased our outreach to include Mumbai specifically for our flagship Trade fair event and then to Delhi. We are one of India’s leading B2B trade fairs, bringing the newest architectural and interior design advancements in these fields to major cities and exhibiting them for visitors and potential customers at trade shows and exhibitions.

We believe our fairs bring together some of the best architects from around the world, providing a unique opportunity for young exhibitors to learn from and be inspired by the experts. It’s a space that continuously encourages brands to bring their most innovative and unique products to the trade fair. In a highly competitive industry, exhibitors are always seeking to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and we are here to provide an ideal platform to showcase their latest and most distinctive products. As a result, visitors can expect to see a diverse range of cutting-edge products and solutions at the event.

The architects present at INDEX Fairs exhibitions are highly skilled industry leaders and have achieved significant success. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields and are constantly pushing boundaries on possibilities for design, technology, and sustainability.

Here are a few names of the best architects who have been present at previous INDEX Fairs exhibitions:

At MUMBAI INDEX Exhibitions

  • Ar. Abraham John, Principal Architect, Abraham John Architects
  • Ar. Behzad Kharas, Chairman and Managing Director, The BNK Group
  • Ar. Kamal Malik and Ar. Arjun Maik (Founder & Director and Principal Architect, Malik Architecture)
  • Ar. Kayzad Shroff and Ar. Maria Leon (Co-founders, SHROFFLEON)
  • Ar. Rooshad Shroff (Principal Architect, Rooshad Shroff)
  • Ar. Ninad Tipnis (Founder and Principal, JTCPL Designs)
  • Ar. Pronit Nath and Ar. Amisha Thanawala (Principal Architect, Urban Studio)
  • Ar. Sanjay Puri and Ar. Nina Puri (Principal Architects, Sanjay Puri Architects)
  • Ar. Seema Puri and Ar. Zarir Mullan (Principal Architects, SEZA Architects)
  • Ar. Yatin Patel (Founder, and Principal, DSP Design Associates)

At DELHI INDEX Exhibitions:

  • Ar. Ashish Pahwa and Ar. Surabhi Jain Pahwa (Principal Architects and Partners, Design Solutions Studio)
  • Des. Devika Khosla (Creative Director, The Works Interiors)
  • Ar. Amit Murao and Ar. L.A. Murthy (Partner and Managing Director, Aashray Design Consultants Pvt. Ltd)
  • Ar. Shruti Dimri (Principal Anagram Architects)
  • Ar. Priyanka Khanna (Founding Partner, 42 MM Architecture)
  • Ar. Gurpreet Singh (Principal Architect, Creative Group)
  • Ar. Neeraj Manchanda (Founder Member and Managing Partner, Neeraj Manchanda Architects)
  • Ar. Amit Khanna  (Design Principal, Amit Khanna Design Associates)
  • Ar. Nilanjan Bhowal (Principal Architect, Design Consortium)
  • Ar. Amit Gupta and Ar. Britta Knobel Gupta (Partners, Studio Symbiosis)

INDEX FAIRS offers numerous benefits for exhibitors, regardless of size or industry. By exhibiting at INDEX, companies can showcase their products and services to a large and diverse audience, including customers, designers, architects, and other industry professionals. This provides an opportunity to engage with customers, build relationships, and gain valuable feedback on their products and services. Additionally, our exhibitions provide a hub for networking and collaboration, allowing exhibitors to connect with other companies, establish partnerships, and share insights and ideas. It also helps businesses stand out in a competitive industry and attract new clients by raising brand awareness and familiarity. Furthermore, our exhibitions offer a platform for exhibitors to gather market intelligence, stay informed about the latest trends and innovations, and drive higher sales and revenue. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that exhibitors from around the world flock to the INDEX FAIR year after year.

Participation is very easy! Look for details on our website, Facebook, and Instagram now.

Over the years, INDEX has built a reputation as a space that encourages innovation and creativity, with exhibitors showcasing some of the most unique and cutting-edge products in the industry. The event also features dedicated areas that highlight the latest industry trends and emerging technologies, providing a focal point for visitors and exhibitors. You cannot miss the next opportunity to visit the INDEX Trade Fair in Mumbai and Delhi! Check out the details below!

VENUE – Mumbai Flagship Tradefair:  Pavilion 2,3 & Jasmine Hall 1 (Upper Level), Jio World Convention Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai, India on 26th – 27th- 28th May 2023.

VENUE – Delhi Flagship Trade Fair: Hall 5, Ground Floor, IECC, Pragati Maidan on 11th- 12th-13th August 2023.


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Join the INDEX Fair Revolution: A Look at What’s New in 2023

Ride the waves of success with us!
-INDEX Trade Fairs  

INDEX for you –
INDEX is India’s largest exhibition for Interiors, Architecture & Design and a leading international trade fair. We bring together suppliers and buyers in the interior design industry and serve as a platform for companies to enter the Indian market. For 34 years our exhibitions have been showcasing interior and architectural products used in homes, offices, and hospitality sectors. Over 500 companies have participated in INDEX Fairs, exhibiting various products such as office furniture, home furnishings, kitchen appliances, art, artifacts, and lighting. The fair attracts over a lakh of visitors and is a renowned sourcing platform for the industry. 

We have expanded our reach to the financial capital i.e Mumbai and to Delhi as well. We are on the list of a few leading B2B trade fairs in India and we plan to reach greater heights this year. We will bring the latest innovations and most modern developments in the interior and architectural industry to the capital cities and be showcasing these new products and technologies at the exhibitions for our visitors and potential buyers. Our categories include INDEX Interiors, FAD – Furniture Art and Design, INNOMAT India, and  INTER-FURN which comprises varied products and collections of fittings, architectural artifacts, kitchen appliances, residential, furnishings, decor, and much more!

Our significant pavilions are –

  • INDEX Interiors (Furniture Art and Design – FAD) :
    INDEX interior is a pavilion appreciated all over the world as it comprises all the trendiest collections under major 5 subcategories that include – Furniture, Art, and Design (FAD), India Design Pavilion, Sleep Pavilion, Office Pavilion, and Kitchen & Appliance Pavilion. These include all the latest industry innovations and modern collections of office chairs, workstations, modular cabinets, institutional furniture, kitchen appliances, decorative and commercial lighting, home automation and security system, and much more!
  • INNOMAT India : 
    This is one of our special pavilions that comprise brand categories from Bath Fittings & Sanitary Ware, Stones & Marbles, Ceramic, Wood Materials, Covering Materials, Electricals, and Building Material industries. Here we offer countless options and products including solid surfaces, tiles, paints, and textures; technology for homes, offices, and hospitality; switches, cables, wires, PVC pipes, water-saving products, tapes, door and window panels, landscaping, artificial glass, wainscoting, planters, and much more all under one roof! 
  • Inter-Furn :
    This pavilion is one of the enhanced spaces to exhibit the brands belonging to the Furniture Hardware, and Architectural Fitting industry. It includes all the latest and innovative products like high-quality control devices, brackets, castors, tough glass hardware, rollers, shutters, trendy frames, brackets, locks, fitting, drawers, and much more to explore at the exhibitions held every year!
  • The Design Pavilion:
    This pavilion is one of the highly energized cultural happening and exhibition forums, that showcases exciting and important design innovations about our future to a mass audience present at our exhibitions. These include local businesses, design industry professionals, and local and international consumers. This is a special enclave for Indian Design entrepreneurs to grow and access bigger industry brands and players in the market. 

INDEX Fairs – A treat for the exhibitors!

  • Our exhibitions have been an excellent space for many national and international architects providing them with several opportunities to connect with industry professionals, dealers, buyer delegations, potential buyers, businessmen, and developers to form strategic partnerships and key associations. 
  • We offer spacious stalls, booths, stand options with mezzanine structures, and  Architect Designed Pavilions for every exhibitor at the venue.
  • A strong visitor profile of our exhibitions provides an opportunity for every exhibitor to learn, gain knowledge and insights, and connect with industry professionals, architects, leaders, designers, and many other prestigious participants. 
  • Our ‘INCUBATION PODS’ at the exhibition centers is a golden opportunity to interact with your potential buyers and many industry professionals interested in your collections. This a win-win deal for every exhibitor out there! 
  • The ‘PANEL DISCUSSION’ is one of the highlights of our exhibition days where a panel of prestigious architects and thought leaders talk about renowned brands and share their thoughts and knowledge with the exhibitors and visitors.

What we at INDEX Fairs have in store for our visitors …

If you are hunting for the trendiest collections in furniture, hardware, art, design, decorations, and materials for interiors and exteriors then INDEX Trade Fair Exhibitions are the one-stop destination for you. Offering all that you need for your homes, offices, and institutions under one roof!

Want to learn about new products and services, network with other professionals in your field, and gain insights into the latest industry trends of 2023?

Be there on : 27th, and 28th of May 2023
At: Pavilion 2,3 & Jasmine Hall 1 (Upper Level), Jio World Convention Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai, India. 

See you there!

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Index Interiors: One stop destination for all your interior needs


One of the segments of the leading international interior design exhibition & best interior fair in India. Index Fairs Interiors is one of the best international furniture fairs in India and provides a platform for all things interior to be showcased by the best international furniture fairs in India.

Interiors are one of the most crucial tools in the design and architecture world which is why it is important for those working in the industry to keep up with the upcoming trends and innovations in interior products. Being the best furniture fair in India, Index Fairs Interiors brings to you the latest innovations in furniture, furnishings, kitchen, art, artifacts, and lighting thereby, providing a wide array of options for various sellers to display and buyers from different backgrounds to purchase. It also consists of the ‘India Design Pavilion’ (IDP), a special enclave for Indian design entrepreneurs to showcase their products to thousands of architects, interior designers, hotel procurement teams, high net worth individuals, and access to bigger markets.

Our statistics show that Traders, Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors, Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, and PMC make up our visitor profile every year, making Index Interiors the perfect convergence point for the supply and demand side of interiors to meet. With its diverse range of domestic and international products, the exhibition always creates a spark of inspiration within its curators and visitors as they are exposed to the latest creations the interior world has to offer, making it a perfect opportunity to be encapsulated by one and all. The atmosphere of the fest further facilitates networking amongst the people present in the exhibition often resulting in lasting synergies.

All these factors make Index Interiors the best furniture design exhibition in India & best interior fair in India, something the inhabitants of the world of interiors rarely miss out on. The furniture fair in 2022 will take place on the 22nd, 23rd & 24th of July at Pragati Maidan, IECC, New Delhi as well as on the 26th, 27th & 28th of August at the Jio World Convention Center, BKC, Mumbai. We look forward to having you with us!

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Innomat: the ideal place for the architecture-design community to be!


Innomat India is basically Materials for interiors & exteriors is integral part of Index Trade Fair, one of the best architecture design and leading international interior design exhibitions, is further subdivided into three major fairs. One of these segments is Innomat which is one of the upcoming building material trade fairs in India 2022. It is a platform exclusively dedicated to showcasing building materials that are used in curating the interiors or exteriors in the design world, therefore, being an ideal destination for the suppliers and buyers of the community to be at!

There is always something new around the corner in the world of architecture and design. Being one of the best building material trade shows in India, the best architecture design Innomat allows people to keep up with the new and upcoming material trends by having the best of the best in-store every year for its visitors and participants. The fair offers a number of products ranging from materials for flooring and cladding, solid surfaces stones, marbles & agglomerates, tiles, plywood, MDF, particleboard, veneers, laminates, wood, wallpaper & coverings, paints & textures, glass & glass products, metals, etc. to bath fittings & sanitary ware, technology for homes, offices, and hospitality, lighting, electricals, water management & technologies, green flag products, chemicals for interior application, ceiling solutions & wall systems & panels, acoustic panels, doors & windows, building materials, landscaping, artificial grass, planters and, swimming pools for its visitors to look at, and suppliers to exhibit.

Our key buyers include Traders, Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors, Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, PMC, and a lot more, thereby, is the perfect one-stop-shop for sellers and buyers. This integrative event calls for all the people associated with the dynamic industry who are always on the lookout for inspiration and innovation as Innomat happens to provide just that! The atmosphere of the exhibition helps ignite a spark of inspiration for the curators as they come across endless ideas making Innomat the perfect opportunity for them to encapsulate. The fair further adds an added touch of providing a networking platform for the exhibitors and visitors to connect with each other and create lasting synergies.

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INTERFURN: A one-stop destination for all things hardware!

One of the best architectural fairs in India also the best hardware fair in India, the Index Trade Fair is subdivided into three major fairs – one of being the Interfurn. As the name suggests, Interfurn focuses on furniture hardware and architectural fittings. One of the oldest and trusted exhibitions for the hardware industry, where the
audience formulates and experiments with designs to curate distinctive homes.

We are the best hardware fair in India due to the variety that we offer, including minimalistic,
contemporary but luxurious furnishing items. We work with renowned names such as Hettich, Hafele,
Ebco, Enox, Dorset, Excellenza, Collins, and Labacha. The products range from screws, bolts, nuts, basic
round doorknobs, elaborate foliage, and brass screws that add strength to the heavy furniture. We work
with kitchen hardware such as wire baskets, tandem boxes, channels, door hardware, glassware, and
architectural hardware and fittings.

The best upcoming hardware show in India is scheduled to take place in Mumbai and New Delhi and
ensures that the hardware industry engages the right product with the right buyer. It’s the right place
for architects, interior designers, builders, hoteliers, dealers, distributors retailers, and homeowners.
Check out the latest trends, products, and innovations in the field of furniture hardware and
architectural fittings.

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Everything you need to know about Index Trade Fairs!

#Homedécor is now an integral part of our domestic spheres, even more so as we have been confined to #wfh over the pandemic. In the post-pandemic world, we have seen a rising interest in furniture that combines both the home and the #officespace. At #IndexFairs, you will experience the hottest trends in residential, #office, #dining and #kitchen. Customers can first-hand sample the latest #furniturefittings, #carpets, #glassware, #wallpaper, #tiles, #designs, #artefacts, #lighting and #hardware. #Design spaces exclusively curated by the stalwarts in the architectural industry remain a highlight, along with inviting apprenticeships for newbies to display their talent. In a nutshell, Index Trade Fairs is a common ground for likeminded people to create history. Below are details about upcoming furniture fair in 2022.

index fairs

The #biggest&best furniture fair in India, Index Trade Fairs prides itself on its extensive clientele of design-led machine-made and artisan furniture and artifact manufacturers every year. The fair receives a footfall of 40,000 visitors comprising #architects and equally, members of the #furnituretrade, every year, exposing them to the most #sought-after #designs and #products. Index Fairs is possibly the #best international #furniturefair in India, in the segment, and has received global recognition from its patrons. Bringing in business experience and trade opportunities in art and architecture, the fair blends both the traditional and contemporary.

Index aims to be a melting pot for creativity and ideation, and we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming furniture fair in 2022. Don’t miss Index scheduled from 3rd June 2022 to 5th June 2022 at the Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai, and from 22 nd July 2022 to 24th July 2022 at IECC, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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The Importance Of Good Kitchen Design & Exhibition


The kitchen has become a social area, and modern living spaces tend to be an integration of eating, relaxation and cooking spaces.  Even in older properties there is a trend towards opening kitchens through into adjacent rooms to form a bigger, more sociable area. Whether your kitchen is part of an open plan area, or simply a kitchen, there are certain things which we must be able to do there efficiently and safely. Kitchen Design is one of them. In fact, the kitchen is an intensive work area, and much of the work involves potential hazards, so all the elements need to be in the right place, must provide the functionality to meet your individual needs, and must allow you to go about your kitchen work in safety.

Kitchen design is about finding the products and fittings which suit your taste and requirements, arranging them in a way which will allow you to work easily and safely, and of course providing a good looking feature within your home.  This needs to be achieved within your financial limits, and must be sturdy enough to take whatever your family throws at it.  A good design will provide you with a real asset to your home and your lifestyle.

  • What are the 6 types of kitchen design?
  1. Galley Kitchen. Also called the parallel kitchen, this is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts. …
  2. One-wall Kitchen. …
  3. U-Shaped Kitchen. …
  4. L-Shaped Kitchen. …
  5. Island Kitchen. …
  6. Peninsula or G-shaped Kitchen.

Kitchen design is not easy to incorporate. The space needs basic for modern requirements and thinking.  There are so many options now, and appliance varieties which we take as essential requirements rather than ultimate luxuries that the triangle has gained several extra points, and now we have the “working polygon”.  Storage is a key component of any modern kitchen. A walk-in pantry is a convenient storage space for dry goods. Of course, every kitchen needs ample cabinet storage for tableware, cooking utensils, and everything else. The style of cabinetry should also match the existing design throughout the rest of the home.

Lighting is an often overlooked element of good kitchen design. Task lighting under cabinets will illuminate the countertop workspace. Pendant lights are growing in popularity as another great source of task lighting, and also a point of visual interest, especially when hung over a center island. If a dining table is present in the kitchen, a candelabra fixture that casts ambient light may be best hung overhead.

The Kitchen trade shows give you the chance to explore the numerous design, technology, materials in the industry.  You can find best materials and design elements at India’s best kitchen exhibition – Index Fairs 2018 on 3rd to 6th May at Bombay Exhibition Centre.

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Things to keep in mind while designing workspaces


India has witnessed a huge boom in business workspaces over the last few years. And this sector is set to grow further, particularly keeping in mind technological advances, and the rapid evolution of workspaces in terms of design and employer and employee expectations.  The Index Trade Fair, to be held in Mumbai in May, thus presents a unique opportunity to everyone in the workspace realm to get up to date with the latest trends, as this has been the largest office furniture show since 1989.

Here are some points to keep in mind while designing for workspaces:


It is important that workspace furniture is designed with a flexible layout that can easily adapt to new and changing requirements.  Modular soft seating, modular workbenches, desk pods, meet point tables, collaborative and breakout furniture, and acoustic elements: these are all examples of smart office furniture choices to support a well-designed, high-functioning and adaptable workplace.


It is not just important that furniture in workspaces be flexible, adaptive and value for money. It should also be able to support the technology in use at the moment. For example, units that incorporate wireless charging devices are slowly receiving interest from consumers.


Since every workspace also has to consider the health of its employees, office furniture must be designed so that it improves and promotes well-being and productivity in the workplace. This is an aspect that has been embraced by architects and designers recently, but will gain more importance in the future.

You’ll find the best and well-designed office furniture at Index 2018 as it is a one of-a-kind office furniture trade show. The Index furniture exhibition will showcase the best designs  and furniture for workspaces in India and across the world, as it features exhibitors from all sectors of industry, including market leaders, who will feature their cutting-edge products, trends and designs.


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Top 5 interior design trends in India


India is a country that is home to various cultures. Every city and state has a different identity, with their food, lifestyle, etc. India has a place in many people’s hearts as one of their favorite countries, or as an essential destination on their list of countries to visit. As a host of many art & design exhibitions, the country has a lot to showcase – from its own native traditions to its adoption of modern and contemporary designs. Whether people come here for business or pleasure, they’ll find many new design exhibitions to excite and intrigue them.

One of the aspects that makes the country famous is the hospitality extended to visitors. ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ is such a famous slogan that it even featured in an advertising campaign by the tourism board. And as visitors step into our threshold, an eye-catching home can make us proud.

With 2018 coming up in a few days, here are 5 design ideas that can make your home shine:

1. Colours:  India is considered to be one of the colourful countries, thanks to its great diversity. When it comes to residential spaces, we’re now learning to use neutral shades as a base to great effect. Contrast tones like grey, brown or off white with a wall in a vibrant color to stand out. Earthy colours for walls and floors like ochre yellow or burnt orange and burnt maroon work best.

2. Patterns: We Indians have a fascination for pattern, from clothing to accessories to homes. Lightly patterned wallpaper can add a playful twist to a home.

3. Furniture: Here, think ancient, not modern. Solid pieces made of authentic woods, complete with detailed craftsmanship will add an ornate look to any room.

4. Flooring: India’s climate is usually hot; which is why marble and granite floors are the most preferred, since they don’t stain and are durable. Another big favourite is tiles, with different designs and patterns dominating the market. There’s an abundance of choice here, if you want to stand out.

5. Décor and art: The final and most important point of all is to use art in a tasteful manner. Don’t overdo it, less is more.

Want to find more inspiration, and the latest trends? Then Index 2018 is the place to be. The Index Design Exhibition features exhibitors from all sectors of industry, including market leaders, and will feature  cutting-edge products, trends and designs.

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6 ways to get maximum mileage from your trade fair participation


Reputed and well-attended industry trade fair offer a lot of opportunity. Here’s how you can get maximum return on investment from your participation – with just a tiny bit of effort on your part

Have well-trained staff: Ensure your staff and executive team members are well-trained. It’s recommended to involve only those who have complete product knowledge, interest in the brand and the organization at large, and are competent enough to handle the pressure. Since they will be the face of your company and will represent your brand directly, ensure that they are well-groomed and well-suited to a corporate environment; able to pitch to clients for contracts, and get new business leads from walk-ins.

Keep communications clear: Being transparent about your products’ features helps. Avoid being humorous with business associates at such events as not everyone will enjoy the joke. Also, avoid an overload of information, and respond to all queries in as simple and to-the-point language as possible. Avoid gimmicks or a clutter of representational visuals or content. Avoid a hardcore approach for pitching or advertising, as this might make you appear pushy and turn people off.

Give away goodies: Giving away keepsakes or a miniature product related to your business, keeps things interesting, fun and can also be a crowd-puller. Examples of good giveaways are popcorn, juice, mints, cupcakes and eco-friendly keepsakes, and keep things light and easy, even in a serious business-like environment. Organise relevant online/offline contests for a larger audience with prizes and vouchers, and save all participation forms as it helps you acquire more contacts.

Get on social media: While coverage from journalists and trade fair analysts at such events helps you get free publicity, also ensure that you create a social media presence and keep updating posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and such. These could be in the form of live updates, pictures, blogs, business articles and more. Sharing and reposting media articles and videos gets you visibility with minimal effort, manpower and expense at your end.

Watch your body language: Dress well and neatly, as appearances matter at trade fairs. Avoid sitting when you have walk-ins approaching your kiosk, and be proactive and move about to meet potential clients and associates. Smile, listen carefully to what people have to ask or say and speak only if you have something relevant to add. Keep things like business cards, catalogs, pamphlets and display items handy to save time if you have to give them out.

Follow up after the fair: Follow up with leads immediately after the event is over. Thank old buyers for their support and arrange for meetings with newer vendors. Try to connect with every person who entered your kiosk; it’s recommended to keep a visitors book to maintain their records. In case you’ve received a moderate response to your participation in the trade fair, look for quality leads. The quality of the inquiry matters more than the quantity of walk-ins, and with a proper follow up, you can still generate good business.

What are some other ways in which you can maximize your trade fair participation? Share your views with us.

trade fair