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[ February 1, 2022 ]
Index Interiors: One stop destination for all your interior needs

O   One of the segments of the leading international interior...

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[ January 7, 2022 ]
Innomat: the ideal place for the architecture-design community to be!

I Index Trade Fair, one of the best architecture design...

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[ December 17, 2021 ]
INTERFURN: A one-stop destination for all things hardware!

One of the best architectural fairs in India also the best...

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[ December 2, 2021 ]
Everything you need to know about Index Trade Fairs!

#Homedécor is now an integral part of our domestic...

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[ December 1, 2019 ]
The Importance Of Good Kitchen Design & Exhibition

T The kitchen has become a social area, and modern...

BusinessDigitalExhibitionIndex FairsTrade FairWorkspace
[ December 1, 2019 ]
Things to keep in mind while designing workspaces

I India has witnessed a huge boom in business workspaces...

BusinessDigitalExhibitionIndex FairsTrade Fair
[ December 1, 2019 ]
Top 5 interior design trends in India

I India is a country that is home to various cultures....

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[ December 1, 2019 ]
6 ways to get maximum mileage from your trade fair participation

R Reputed and well-attended industry trade fair offer a...

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[ December 1, 2019 ]
4 Reasons To Exhibit in a Trade Show

E Exhibiting in a Trade Show has its share of boons...

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